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Last week, the world lost the gentle-and-giant-hearted Adina Talve-Goodman; whimsical razor, peerlessly funny, super hot and soft and magic writer girl and genius. Talented laugher, artist of being alive. In her hometown of St Louis, her family and friends gathered to share some of the most important words I’ll ever hear or read or know about love. Her father spoke of the act of being filled by someone so much you can at once be expanded and diminished by their living.

Adina, your own wild, brilliant, and unexpected voice brings me the closest I can get to comfort. Your singular, otherworldly voice. I’ve culled the below from years of our emails. I will love and miss and talk to you forever.


Girl, I’ve Been Watching You Like A Hawk
I Hope You Are Being So Happy
Iowa is a Strange Place With No Subways
Pie Club
Walk Across The Brooklyn Bridge With Me?
I Won Something
One Step Closer to Circus
Would You Like To Go To Prom With Me?

Hello Wonderful Workshop Leaders!
Dear Pie Club,
Hi Friendlies!
Hello! Happy Monday! Is it ever?
Hi Lady,
My dearest Mariesy,
Dearest mariesy love girl,

Thank you for calling my nose a tulip.

I never mix metaphors with dancing. There will be dancing.

Please RSVP and let me know what kind of liquor you’re bringing so we don’t just have 30 bottles of Old Grand-Dad.

A boy once called me a squid and the texts that followed were the most insightful comments on my being that I have ever received.

This week’s pie is inspired by Prince. That’s all I know.

We can wear our heart earrings and say things like, “Oh I just love art, don’t you?”

Enjoy Santa Fe. I expect you to be able to do the angry cowboy dance from Newsies by the time you get back.

Can we day-time cozy bar with fireplace this shit?

Yip yip! Those are happy yips.

Nothing would make my little Midwestern heart happier than a ho-down.

Let’s walk your dog in a park and laugh at the things he laughs at like we get it.

The world is a very nice place.

I have found that if you wear the right dress, everything can be understood.*

I have considered that maybe I am a non-fiction writer but I’m not yet ready to say it aloud. Non-fiction writers are such dicks, right?

I love you so much.

Nothing makes me happier than closing down restaurants with you, lady, anytime.

I also wrote you a poem. It’s about your hair. I’ll show it to you if you go to prom with me.

Apart from missing you, things are pretty good. My house is the sweetest house there ever was and I have a pink couch because I am a goddamn lady.

The plastic island trees at Coney Island depress me.

I had my second chemo treatment yesterday. Chemo is really something–they fill you with poison and then send you home.

I can very clearly see you as a fox.

I have nothing much to say except I exist in solidarity with those protesting and I would be there with my feet if my feet could hold me and march right now.

As with all things, your mother is right.

It’s so lovely to be loved by all of you. It’s just the best when wonderful people love you. Thank you. The point is you’re all unique and wonderful and dear to me and I thank you from the bottom of my “gorgeous, perfect ovaries.”

Who invented the bagel? What brave soul said, “I would like to take 8 slices of my bread and make it into one with a hole in the middle for twirling?” Whomever it was, I love them.

Constantly Mistaken for an Elf,
I Can’t Stop Listening to Nelly,
Your Cruise Director,
This Is What Happens When Your Parents Never Ask About Your Future,
I Can Also Wiggle My Ears,
Met Santa in Jamaica Once,
“Adina, I’m allergic to nuts,” I DON’T CARE–EVOLVE.,
I really like all of you. Really, really,
Love and basketball,
Love and donuts,

(gif of Cher kicking can down street in Moonstruck, gif of whale, gif of hearts beating, gif of Cher half-smiling, gif of Rihanna waving her long nails, gif of Gonzo with caption “in case you forgot what I looked like,” gif of Mary Berry winking, gif of Cher drinking a soda, gif of hamster eating a carrot slice)

Adina Banina Badoo
The squid
Tim Riggins
Adina Talve-Goodman, PhD, (Phunk Doctor)
Adina “cracked egg” Talve-Goodman
Adina “yes, that’s glitter” Talve-Goodman
Adina “nah I think I’ll go home and make tea” Talve-Goodman

P.S. I apologize that this email got progressively more aggressive but ain’t it the truth.
P.S. I’m serious about that poem
P.S. Bonus pie kisses (this is when you get to kiss the pie before we all eat it) for whoever can guess which Jon Travolta movie that sign-off is from
P.S. Please let me know if you would like off of this mailing list. I’ll tell management. Management wears fabulous dresses and is not hurt by people’s disinterest in the more ridiculous parts of her nature.
P.S. Everyone in Iowa is 23.
P.S. Please feel free to wear socks that you feel comfortable showing. Eunice (downstairs neighbor) is very sensitive and also hostile with her broom handles.
P.S. Despite the voracity of this email, I will be quiet as a mouse.

*Please note: this is a lie.

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