Odds, ends, assorted jawns:

“I Must Have Been that Man,” essay by Adina Talve-Goodman, Bellevue Literary Review, Winner of 2015 Short Story contest.

James Baldwin, “Sonny’s Blues”

Baryshnikov – Dance piece that comprises an important plane in MHB’s brain.

Ilsa Brink Design – Graphic and web designer who specializes in designing web sites for authors.  You’re on one of her sites right now

Catapult Literary Magazine – Lit mag where MHB is Editor at Large

Cleo, from 5 to 7

The Community Bookstore – Indie bookstore in Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood, protected by a well-read cat named Tiny the Usurper

Dancing in the Dark – Choreographed and danced by Matt Luck and Emma Portner, music by Ben Howard and Yael Naim

Federico Fellini – Italian film director who was known to blend fantasy and baroque images

The Center for Fiction – Caring space for NYC writers, soon to move to its new home in Brooklyn

Fishtown, Philadelphia – Setting for 2 A.M. at The Cat’s Pajamas

Franklin Park Reading Series – Epic reading series run by Penina Roth in Brooklyn, New York

Alfred Hitchcock – English film director who pioneered many techniques in the suspense and psychological thriller genres

The Invention of Morel – Borges described it as a “perfect novel.”

Greenlight Bookstore – Indie bookstore in Brooklyn’s Ft. Greene section

Madeleine L’Engle– Author of A Wrinkle in Time series and important literary hero, Meg Murry

(What is probably the) Most important children’s book of all time. Like the Velvet Underground, not everyone read this book, but whoever did started a band (became a writer).

Lapis Luna – Vintage jazz and classic swing band

Film –

1. Master class in plot.

2. Master class in dialogue.

3. Couldn’t talk for two days.

4. Bread, bread, bread.

5. Romeo and Ethel, the pirate’s daughter. 

6. Best last scene in film. 

7. A new way to talk about love.

8. O R You?

9. I guess it is kind of funny.

10. I hope it lasts.

Yoko Ogawa’s REVENGE– A perfect short story collection.

One Story – Brooklyn-based literary magazine that publishes one story, every three weeks. MHB was an editor there for many years.

In Palau, an island country in the Western Pacific Ocean – Jellyfish have made their home in a lake that used to be connected to the sea by a tunnel.

Django Reinhardt – Pioneering virtuoso jazz guitarist and composer

Sean Casey Animal Rescue – Brooklyn-based non-profit, no-kill shelter dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and placing animals

Mary Austin Speaker – Poet and book designer.  Mary designed the cover of Safe as Houses and the book of a fledgling emerging writer, Patti Smith.

Munster Literature Centre – Non-profit arts center in Cork, Ireland, dedicated to advancing literature. MHB was the Frank O’Connor International Short Story fellow there

The Spiral Bookcase – Indie bookstore in Philly’s Manayunk section

Three Lives & Co. – Indie bookstore in the Village that looks like a movie

WORD bookstores (Brooklyn & Jersey City) – Indie bookstore and author champion in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint section