If you were here I’d be home right now

My upbringing was strict but we had endless art supplies and my Mom allowed (encouraged!) me to paint murals on the walls.  In college, I painted murals to help support myself.  Murals say: ART BELONGS TO EVERYONE.  When a person walks home from a crappy day, murals say: Hey, you—there is still beauty around.  Art can and should be found in the everyday, next to the drug store, next to your kid’s school.  It’s no wonder that one of my favorite things on earth is The City of Philadelphia’s Mural Arts Program.  I grew up around so many beautiful walls!  I always drive Philly newcomers around to see my favorites.  Soon, they will paint a new mural on Broad Street dedicated to The Roots.  I was researching the the Mural Arts Program yesterday for my novel and was again so moved by its magnitude I was compelled to share.  Here is one of the many murals I love; The Love Letter series.  If you ride the Market-Frankford elevated train from around 45th to 63rd Streets, you can read the whole rooftop series of love letters.  Makes for a dreamy commute home, wouldn’t you say?  

See the whole series and find information about all of Philly’s murals right here!  

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