My wish for you

May next year give you at least one surprise you like.  May your coffees and goodbyes be Irish, your pencils sharpened, your friends all-weather, your linings silver (or dark grey with sparkles because that is very in right now).  May all of your Stewarts be Jimmys, all of your Audreys, Hepburn.  May you give birth to or say yes to or do something nice for or see a movie with or rescue or adopt or marry or meet for the first time your soulmate, and if you don’t believe in dumb, misguided things like soulmates, may someone or thing prove you wrong.  May the jerks stay in 2012.  May you never open the refrigerator to find, after pouring your cereal, you are out of milk.  Because that is extremely frustrating.  Finally, may you eat a lot, like a serious amount, of cupcakes and, should you come to find you don’t like cupcakes, may you give all of your cupcakes to me. 

yours truly, Marie 

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