2am at The Cat’s Pajamas

Good morning! I’ve been so excited to share this news! My first novel, 2 A.M. AT THE CAT’S PAJAMAS, will be published by Crown (Random House), August 2014! I am over the moon, the stars, the solar system, back to the moon, back to earth, where I sit, typing this to you.

2 A.M. AT THE CAT’S PAJAMAS follows a brassy little girl jazz-singer (and a bunch of other people) over the course of one fateful Christmas Eve Eve in Philadelphia. The first scene I wrote was dated October 17th, 2001.
(Thank you to Claudia Ballard for championing this book. And I know she’ll see this because she checks my website every day, thank you to my mom Helene, strongest person I know.)
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11 Responses to 2am at The Cat’s Pajamas

  1. My daughter Caitlin Jackson adores you and now we both await your book with bated breath.

  2. I noticed this book received 4/5 stars on Amazon? Well, when I’m finished reviewing it, anything less than five will be unacceptable. I am a Philadelphia Jazz Singer and Advocate. I know the Philly scene and the musicians from Old Heads to the Young Lions. I suspects the Jazz Village will love it! As a writer and Barnes & Noble Manager, that’s my job!


  3. Louis Crispino says:


    I just heard your interview on NPR, and can’t wait to read your debut novel! I live in that other city associated with Jazz, New Orleans!


  4. pc says:

    Just found out about this book from an Oprah newsletter, so congrats! Looking forward to reading it. I’m hoping in Canada we’ll get the cover that I saw in the newsletter, as it is gorgeous! Who did the cover art?

  5. Ally says:

    Congratulations! I loved this unique book and its cast of quirky characters, so well done.

  6. Erica says:

    I just read your book with my bookclub and we liked it except, we were all confused by the ending (Madeleine and Mrs. Santiago). Can you please explain?! I see other reviews that wonder the same thing. Thank you!

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